5 Amazing Herbs To Improve Your Health

Although the pharmacy industry improved drastically, nature is still the best way to treat whatever disease.

We were looking for the best herbs to improve your health state, and believe us when we say that it was a hard choice. But, still we’ve managed to pick out the Top 7.

1. Basil

Even though this is the one of the oldest and most used herbs, you may not be aware of the benefits that it carries.

  • good for digestion
  • anti-inflamatory
  • fights free radical activity
  • skin benefits
  • fights depression
  • helps diabetes
  • supports liver function
  • detoxifies the body
  • promote healthy gut
  • heals stomach aches

You can use the basil fresh in your food or as an essential oil, that’s on you.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile herb is best used as a tea. Due to its antioxidants and its amazing relaxing smell and taste, chamomile provides you with the following:

  • improves sleep quality
  • promotes digestive health
  • protect against cancer
  • controls blood sugar level
  • improves hearth health
  • relieves anxiety and depression
  • improves skin health

3. Parsley

This vitamin-rich diuretic is full of vitamins and powerful nutrients. Parsley is rich with vitamins A, B, C and K and the minerals iron and potassium.
Here are five reasons to include parsley in your meals:  

  • improves immune function
  • fights inflammation
  • reduce risk of cancer
  • fights diseases
  • protects blood vessels

4. Peppermint

Although peppermint tea is often drunk for its flavor, it also has health benefits. The tea itself has rarely been studied scientifically, but peppermint extracts have.

  • aids digestion
  • relieves headaches and migraines
  • freshens your breath
  • relieves clogged sinuses
  • improves energy
  • helps with sleep
  • helps with weightloss
  • improves seasonal allergies (antibacterial)
  • improves concentration

5. Lemon Balm

Although lemon balm has been used as a natural remedy for a while, few scientific studies have looked into its possible health benefits. Here are some available results about what it can heal:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • cold sores
  • heart issues
  • Alzheimer disease

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