One Healthy Trick A Day To Improve Your Wellness

Every week we say that we are going to start a healthy lifestyle,but this is something we are prolonging for months.

We are aware that it is hard to start changing your daily habits all at once. That is why we offer you to begin your healthy journey step-by-step with implementing one healthy habit per day. Here is our day-by-day plan.


MEDITATION– Start your week with a 10 minutes meditation and prep yourself for the busy upcoming week. Meditation reduces stress, improves sleep and increases creativity.


EARLY START– Wake up earlier than usual today. With this, you have extra time that you can use on whatever.


TO-DO LIST– Try organizing your day, week or month with a list that includes inspirational humorous quotes to motivate yourself.


START FIDGETING– Move, move, move! Tap your toes, swirl on your desk chair. Make small frequent moves to increase blood flow to the limbs.


CHOCOLATE THERAPY– Yes, you heard us right! This day, treat yourself with some dessert. According to many studies, chocolate boosts your mental wellness and wakes up better emotions.


STAY HOME– Instead of mixing with crowd, spend your Friday night at home in a peaceful atmosphere. Have some snacks, enjoy your series, read a book.


PET TIME– An excellent Saturday therapy is spending some quality time with your pet. Walk your dog at the park, or if you don’t have one, ask your friend to borrow his for the day. This will increase your mood, give you some physical activity and a bit of fresh air.

Are you ready to start your day-by-day journey?

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